The Faucet enables users to acquire tokens for use within the application during the test network phase.

At the moment, Arcane Finance Faucet has 2 variations:

  • Public

  • Private

Private Faucet - allows you to receive test tokens while maintaining confidentiality.

Public Faucet - enables you to acquire test tokens without preserving confidentiality, i.e., publicly.

Currently, the option for selecting a custom number of requested tokens is only available in the Private Faucet. This functionality will be made available for the Public Faucet in the near future.

The Faucet currently supports 4 variations of requested tokens:

  • USDC

  • USDT

  • WETH

  • WBTC

To request the desired token, you need to choose one of the 4 available token options, specify the number of requested tokens (the token amount selection only works for Private), and then press the "Faucet" button.

Transaction confirmation time can take up to 15 minutes depending on your computer's processing power.

Please do not close the browser window while the transaction is being created. Once it's completed, the window will be automatically closed.

After the completion of the transaction, you will be able to utilize the acquired tokens within the Arcane Finance application.

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